Check Your Surroundings

It is a simple thing that we need to do prior we start our activity at anytime and anywhere. But this simple thing actually was a very fundamental aspect to do in relation with safety of work. In our work environment there is always changes happen. Thats why you need to check everytime you want to start your job. Is your work condition still same as before or not?. For example yesterday you was digging in the edge of road which is not very crowded however today you need to dig at the same place which is the traffics are crowded. There is a changes in your work condition. the activity still same, the place still same but the traffic was changes. And this changes condition is very significant to changes your work method in order to ensure your safety while doing the work. How to know if there is any change in our work condition? “Check Your Surroundings” prior to start your work. Make it become your habit and spread it like a virus to your team, your work colleague, etc. This is a good habit and a simple things that almost anyone can do for every occasion.

How if you found some changes in your work conditions?. Do risk assessment to know if your current work method and safety precautions still relevant to bring all the risk to the acceptable risk level. Otherwise you can put another relevant safety control and have coordination with others to prevent misscommunication which can lead to an incident. Detail of “How to do” will not explain in this article, maybe later on will be detailed explain in other notes.

Believe more in your sense than your experience. Sometimes experienced people/worker will have tendency to not alert than less/no experienced people/worker. When first time learn how to ride a motorcycle we will more alert compared to the biker whose already ride for many times. 

  • Alert everywhere and use your experience to troublesheet every problem you are face in your life, then it is will be a good combination. But if you need to choose, then i will choose to alert.
  • Maybe based on your experienced and skill, you can manage and control your job very well. But remember in work environment you are not work alone. There is other people working near you. You maybe can control yourself only than you think if something happen will felt by you only and not by other. It is the wrong way of think. If you make a mistake possible to impact on another people also. Or maybe you will be and others died due to your fault. Thats why if we talk of safety we need to use a holistic approach. Not just partial approach. For example electrical discipline just try to look the risk to their self only but not try to thin if there is any possibility that it will bring risk to other discipline also due to their activity. Then they will fail to make a barrier/control for that.

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